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CHD-T8-CORE WiFi Video Module
     CHD-T8-CORE is a micro WIFI video core board,Stamp hole design,Convenient patch and small footprint。
     Support USB camera acquisition and communication、support serial port transparent transmission、support for     programmable GPIO。
    Support 1080P, 720P and other resolutions。

Product description

     CHD-T8-CORE is a micro WIFI video core board,it can meet most portable application scenarios;Low power of CHD-T8-CORE,so it can maintain normal working status for a long time.
     We also have CHD-T8-BASE and CHD-T8-DEMO two modules,Both products can be connected to the camera for wireless video surveillance.
    Below, there will be a product display and use effect..

Links to required materials
WiFi Account Number  CHD_XX:XX:XX
Password 12345678
 APP Connection Password chird
Basic data Download Links http://e-biaoge.cn/remote/soremote/select?id=1354700450704462704 
Extract password:ZWJN
SDK http://e-biaoge.cn/remote/soremote/select?id=4972092755341696636 
Extract password:JSXY 
APP Download Address WMPBOX  http://e-biaoge.cn/remote/soremote/select?id=4530494050326088957 
Extract password:PQH9
Android Search "WMPBOX" for download, the latest version is3.6.0
IOS  “App Store” Search "WMPBOX" for download, the latest version is2.5.4

Detailed Size:

Product Parameters: 
Effect :
      After the module is connected to the camera,observable objects can be observed through APP。
      The effect chart is as follows:

APP download method:

Ios system :  Search for "WMPBOX" in the‘’ APP Store‘’ and download ;
Android system : Copy "http://appurl.me/18897128" to download this link。
Photo Display:




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