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CHD-AQ-810 Remote Surveillance Camera.

Product description
       CHD-AQ-810 is a wireless remote monitoring product dedicated to aquariums.Compared to the original CHD-AQ-800 design is more compact and beautiful。The 1080P HD lens and 120 ° wide angle design are used. At the same time, a voice pair function is added to monitor the screen and sound quality at a distance.
      CHD-AQ-810 has the characteristics of low fever, strong stability, and safe and reliable use process; At the same time power consumption & lt; 1.5 WH, low power consumption can increase working and standby hours.
The details of the product size are as follows:

Product Size
size 5.4mm*5.4mm*1.0mm
shot M12
Electrical parameters
Power interface Micro usb
voltage 5V
electric current 150mA-250mA
Average power consumption <1.5WH
Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
Storage temperature -40℃~100℃
Function parameters
CMOS sensor pixel:1920x1080@30fps
Target surface:1/2.7
Video coding H264@1920x1080@30fps
audio frequency Support microphones, speakers
Audio encoding support PCM、G726、G711U、G711A
Wireless performance 2.4G WIFI
Remote / Local Preview support
storage Support for 64G TF memory cards
Playback Support for remote playback
Software development package Confidentiality agreements available
CHD-AQ-810 is an infinite remote monitoring product dedicated to aquariums and can also be used for a variety of usage scenarios.
CHD-AQ-810 is equipped with an antenna and a horn.

For this product, the company cooperated with Sensen Shares Group Co., Ltd. to produce it into a small smart camera.
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